Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19 - One down, how many to go?? Christmas presents...

I've finished one more pair of socks. Nothing real special about this (except of coarse, they're hand knitted), cuff is 2x2 rib, simple reinforced heel and a plain toe. These were knit with Online Supersocke 100 Sport Color #1022 on size 2 needles. These should fit up to a size 5 womens (shoe size).  I wasn't sure about the orange and teal together but my daughter thinks they look cool.

I love making socks, they're one of the few knitting projects I can take anywhere. I even took this pair with me to the movie theater on Saturday.  I stood in the lobby and knitted while waiting for my daughter's friends to arrive. I had a few people look at me strangely and a few asked me about them. 

Now, to see if I can get two more pairs of socks finished by Christmas eve. 

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