Monday, December 3, 2012

New knitting project - Fresh Bite Scarflet by Rebecca Hill

Friday, I got a box of yarn from Kraemer Yarns. Lots of yarn.  Some of it I'm not sure what I'm going to do with, some of it I have an idea or two.  Why did I get a box of yarn from them?  I had contacted them about using their yarn for indy dyeing, manufacturing (knitting/crocheting for modern/period projects for sale), and possibly carrying for customers. I had expected the normal color cards, wholesale pricelist and application, not a box full of regular skeins of yarn. My daughter already decided which skeins she was going to snag for projects (she knits, but these are for projects she wants me to make).

So, Friday, after finishing the knitted petticoat and the boys inverness (see my MorganAside blog). I started looking for projects to use the yarn on. I found a few, still trying to decide which ones and what yarn.

Saturday after our trip to the barn, my daughter and I wound several of the yarns from reeled skeins into "balls".  She decided that I needed to make her something out of the Kraemer Natural Skeins Eleanor.   I can understand why, it is EXTREMELY soft. Eleanor is a bulky weight,  100% Superwashed Merino yarn and is sold in 3.5 oz. reeled skeins with approx. 120 yds (3-3.75 sts per inch on US 9-11 needles).

After looking through Ravelry, she decided that she wanted me to make the Fresh Bite Scarflet by Rebecca Hill.   I made one of these before, awhile ago now, from Cascade 220.  She loved that one. Saturday evening I cast the yarn onto size 9 needles (I wasn't too worried about the gauge, after all it is a scarf). Within an hour I had finished five pattern repeats.  That is part of the reason I loved that pattern the first time, it's fast.  It didn't take long on Sunday for me to finish the skein.  I ended up two repeats short of what the pattern calls for, (probably should've had a minimum of 150-160 yds) but it's okay.  It's the perfect length for my daughter.   Now, I just need to find some blood red buttons (her idea). Then I will put it away until Christmas.

Scarflet laid out flat
Scarflet the way it will be worn.

This morning I cast on a pair of knitted undersleeves from Peterson's Magazine, January, 1859.  The pattern calls for them being knitted flat and seamed.  Since I know how bad I am at seaming knitting together, I decided to knit them in the round.  So far I've got the first thiry rows of ribbing done and have two rows of the first puff done.  I'm making them in Natural & Pepper Nature Spun Fingering weight yarn by Brown Sheep Company. Somehow, I don't think these will knit up as fast as the scarflet, especially when I have a ton of sewing to do between now and December 11 and one Tunisian crochet project that I'm trying to get done before then too.

Beginning of Knitted Undersleeves

One more thing, the yarn I used for the scarflet, Eleanor, was fantastic to work with. I had no issues with splitting or anything else. Can't wait to use it for more projects, knitting & dyeing.

That's all for now.  Have a great day!