Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Blog -

Okay, so I've decided to start a blog for my knitting and crocheting projects.  Hopefully, I can update this more often than I do my regular blog.  Today, I'm posting a knitting pattern from Peterson's Magazine.  This is for a pair of "shooters" mittens (they have a finger and thumb like gloves but have a "mitten" for the other three fingers). I'm not sure what year they are from.  I will find out and post the year with the mitten. This pattern doesn't give yarn weight, needle size or gauge.  I have not made these yet.  If you do (or if you have), I'd love to see your pictures.

Directions to Knit Mittens.-- Cast twenty sitches on each needle knit twent-five rows of ribbing, and twenty rows plain. Then take the twenty stitches that are upon one nieed and knit sixteen rows, backward and forward. this is for the beginning of the thumb. Then take these twenty stitches on three needles, and knit round for sixteen rows, after which narrow gradually until the thumb is finished.

Take up twenty stitches at the lower part of the thumb. There will then be sizty stitches on the three needles. Knit twenty rows. Take the twenty stitches nearest the thumb, join them on three needles, and knit twenty-two rows. Then narrow gradually until the finger is finished. Take the remaining forty stitches on three needles and knit twenty-two rows. Narrow gradually till finished.