Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Scarf in Crochet, Peterson's Magazine, May 1864

Scarf in Crochet
Mrs. Jane Weaver
Peterson's Magazine, May 1864
In the front of the number we give a new and pretty pattern, printed in colors, of this Scarf.
Materials.-- One oz. of black split zephyr; half oz. of orange or salmon color.
With the black wool make a chain of seven inches long. Work in dc, making three stitches in a group. Repeat this every row until you have a piece worked twelve inches in length: then tie on the orange wool and work eight rows; then six rows black, eight rows orange. Repeat until the piece of work is three-quarters of a yard in length. This completes on half of the Scarf. Begin with the black, as at first, and work a second piece exactly the same as the first piece. Join at the back, and finish the ends with fringe alternate black and orange.

NOTE: Modern Fingering weight would be the closest equivalent to Split Zephyr.

This is my first attempt at making this scarf. I used some leftover Brown Sheep Nature Spun yarn in Irish Shamrock & Mountain Purple. I used a size H ChiaoGoo bamboo crochet hook to make it. I made a 7" long chain with the green yarn, skipped the first two chains and made three double crochets in the next chain. I then skipped the next two chains and repeated the 3 double crochets until the last chain where I made only one double crochet. *I chained two, turn, then made three double crochets in the top of the middle double crochet in the previous row, repeat this until the end of the row, make one double crochet in the "space" between the last double crochet set and the "single" double crochet at the end. Continue from * until 12" long, break yarn, leave a 5" tail, tied on the purple and continued the pattern for 8 rows, then back to the green for 6. You can repeat these until the scarf is 27" long or your desired length. Remember this is half of the scarf.  I did three sets, alternating purple and green. Instead of making a second 7" chain, I crocheted into the opposite side of the original 7" chain and repeated everything I did for the first side. Once you have finished the last of the green rows (if you've made it 27" long on the other side you should have about 54" of scarf now). Break the yarn and weave in all ends. There are no measurements for how long to make the fringe, so I just wrapped the yarn around a hardcovered book. I used 4 strands of purple and 2 strands of the green folded in half and attached in the "spaces" at the end of the scarf.

Thank you to my friends, Marta & Kay for use of their original Peterson's Magazines. You can also find this pattern on Google Books, here.