Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 29th - Catch Up & Another Night Cap

Okay, so it's been almost a year since I actually updated this blog, it was almost 6 months since I updated my other blog (MorganAside). I always say I will try and be more....hmm...consistent but sometimes life just gets too busy.  So let's see if I can remember everything I've knitted/crocheted since the last post. 

I took me what seemed like forever but I did finally finish the white night cap on Christmas eve last year (I had started them on Dec. 3rd). I also finished three pairs of hand knit socks for my daughter too.

Since the beginning of the year, I've made four Tunisian crocheted "vests" for a TV pilot (which wasn't picked up), knitted two men's neckwarmers for civil war reenactors and more (see pictures). 

Oh and I finally finished and publishedmy first two Tunisian crochet patterns the end of March.  One pattern is for a mens' scarf and the other for a ladies' sontag (includes two variations). Both of these patterns can be purchased through Originals by Kay.  There are more to come, too. I am currently working on finishing one up. Hopefully, I will have it available at the Midwest Civil War Civilians conference in Fort Wayne, IN in January.

I've also been working on knitting up a couple of petticoats from Godeys' Ladies' Book & Magazine, December 1864. I will put the pattern up later today. It's actually pretty easy to make, just takes some time because you have to knit three panels. Currently, I'm working on weaving in the ends so I can block it and crochet the panels together then add the waistband elastic. I've got a second one started, too.

Like the heading says, I've also started another night cap.  It turns out the white one is too big for my husbands head and he didn't care for the fact that it was white either.  I've got the new one to where I stop increasing and continue on to the plain knitting part.  This one is also made from Brown Sheep Cotton Fine but in Deep Sea Fog. The pattern I'm using can be found on this blog post. I'm planning on finishing this one in time for Christmas this year. :)
Time to go for know.  Watch for the petticoat pattern.
Keep knitting & crocheting.

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