Friday, February 5, 2016

Update to My January 2015 Post - WIPs

Every year since I started blogging I've said I will try and do better, this year will be no different. I can't believe I haven't updated this since January, 2015 when I posted a list of what I had on Ravelry as WIPs (work-in-progress for those that don't know). So, here is the current status of my WIP list from last January.

Knitting WIPs

2 pair of Chester County Soldier's Socks 
1 pair of little boys reenacting socks
1 infant petticoat (still needs a waistband)
1 lady's claret polka in brioche (frogged)
1 men's brioche sweater (frogged)
1 men's night cap (2/3 completed)
1 Sailor's Sock (modern sock pattern)
1 1840's scarf
1 Spring Forward Sock (modern sock pattern for DD)
1 Fleur de Lis felted project

Crochet WIPs

1 men's scarf in Tunisian crochet
1 Celtic weave baby blanket
1 Tunisian crochet sontag (working on a new pattern) - still working on this one. I just need to make the collar and put everything together. 

I had 14 items back in January, 2015, I finished 4 items, frogged two and did a bit of work on some others. This doesn't include other projects that I worked on from start to finish in 2015, there were 22 of those.

Next post - 2016 WIPs

Have a great day everyone!

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